Mid-year thoughts

And suddenly it’s August.

So much has happened this year. I’ve organised a national festival. I’ve been to my first international conference. Went to a summer school in the US (my first trip to the States), run professional development workshops for local teachers, tutored my first course (and am now doing a second), competed in the 3 minute thesis competition, been to a writers retreat, bought an apartment, begun my fieldwork, and so many other little things.

As far as my goals go, my weight loss one started off really well, but has fallen by the wayside somewhat in recent months. I haven’t put on much of the weight I took off, but definitely some, and I still haven’t lost as much as I wanted to. On the plus side though, my fitness goals are coming along really well. I am running at least once a week, and more usually 2 times (3 is still an amazing week, but I’m aiming for it). I have a fun run coming up in September, and I am hoping to change up to the 10km course (I’m currently signed up for the 5km one). I’m actually running that 5km pretty comfortably now and ran my fastest session this afternoon.

As far as my other goals go:
–   I’m still working on that journal article… I hope to have it in final-isn draft form my the end of next week (but I’m struggling). The writing retreat was great to get the words on paper, but I absolutely hate editing, and that’s where I’m up to with it.
–  I haven’t been hiking this year, but hopefully I will once the weather warms up
–  I have been baking more, which with the weight loss mostly means that my SOs work has had a lot of baked goods…
–  Nothing is organised at the moment. Oh well.

For the next few months, I’m just hoping to keep things at the status quo. No big attempts at changing anything for a while – my priority has to be the research.

Here’s hoping it’s smooth sailing for a while.

Until next time 🙂


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