One hell of a year

Well that was one hell of a year. It happened so quickly, and so much happened in it.

The good news is that I did manage to achieve some of my goals last year. These were my goals for 2015:

Continue with fitness goals (I ran my first 5k!)
Achieve all first year PhD requirements
Submit an article to a journal and a conference paper (and I presented it)
Downsize things and get rid of unnecessary things (this was an accident. I moved house twice)
Make more things
Buy less stuff
Go to Scotland
Keep things organised
Go hiking as much as possible
Cook/bake more
Enjoy life

And I managed to have fingernails for most of the year.

This year I have already lost 10kg, and have had a massive number of successes with my study… too many really, but that’s the subject of another post.

Once again, I hope to keep this blog more active this year so I can practice my writing, and have a space where I can real talk about the things that are going on through this PhD and personal growth journey.

Until next time.


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