Goal #1 – Fitness

My first goal, is fitness. I know, not particularly original. I really love hiking, and one day would like to climb the highest mountains on each continent. At least. Really, I just love getting away and into the wilderness and the ability to carry everything I need to survive. I also love kayaking, rock climbing and abseiling, swimming, and just being outdoors in general.

When I was little I was very involved in a lot of sport: swimming, cross country running, netball, soccer (football) and riding my bike every weekend. Now though, study and work have taken over everything and I spend more time than I would like in front of a computer, and eating (especially chocolate). I am still not overweight, I’m fairly normal really, and I don’t have any major body image issues (outside of the usual), but my fitness is almost non-existent.

I want to improve all areas of my fitness. I am a member of a gym, and I have sessions with a personal trainer, although both of these are more sporadic and less focussed than I would like. I have had both of these since November 2013. Now that the major part of my study for the year has wrapped up I want to work on getting into really good habits and a routine for fitness.

I want to come up with a plan to build strength and muscle at the gym, and combine it with other cardio exercises such as running. At this stage, my plan looks something like this:

Monday – Walking/running
Tuesday – Training session
Wednesday – Bootcamp/Gym
Thursday – Gym
Friday – Walking/running
Saturday – Bootcamp #2
Sunday – Gym

My gym sessions are based on a plan from my trainer, they are fairly rounded and are a full body workout. The bootcamps are a great combination of strength and cardio, and they’re also a bit social (only a bit) which works well for me.

I do also wear a Jawbone UP, which is helpful for tracking what exercise I do. Basically I aim for 10,000 steps every day, although I’m making an agreement with myself that if I get to 20,000 I don’t have to have a gym session that day.

The goal in figures is like this: I want to be able to carry 30kg (66lb) for 20km (12mi) of steep terrain fairly easily. I will test this as often as I can by going hiking with my partner and his friend.


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